Monday, November 14, 2011


After the lively opening credits we are introduced to Enid and Rebecca at their high school graduation. Both hate school and all the braindead conformists that go there. Rebecca is really excited about getting and sharing an apartment with Enid, but Enid (depressed that she has to go to summer school for art class to get her diploma) is still clinging (maybe subconsciously) to her childhood and keeps coming up with excuses to not get a job. That's just one story, the other and the one I liked the most concerns a singles ad that Enid and Rebecca jokingly respond to. The guy who placed the pathetic ad is Steve Buscemi and he's incredible. He honestly should have won an Oscar for his performance here. Anyway, he's a massive loser. He has a job and stuff, but he's a antisocial geek who hates people and would rather spend all his time surrounded by his old timey jazz record collection. After the initial prank Enid and Rebecca start stalking him, but then Enid starts having feelings for him or could it just be another excuse not to grow up?

Standing on the sidelines of all this is Enid's dad played by Bob Balaban, the art teacher played by the always great Illeana Douglas and the friend Josh played by the supergreat Brad Renfro. The entire cast is impressive and I wish thay'd made a full length movie about Doug the white trash crankster that hangs out at the local convenience store. He was almost the highlight of the entire movie! Back to the story's starts out strong and only gets even better for like the first 60 minutes then, I have no idea what happens, but it suddenly switches gears and goes from being observant and hilarious to serious and kinda a bummer at the end.

Definitely worth watching. I've seen the first half dozens and dozens of times, but that second half. Woo, that's some lame shit! Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this, but to me GHOST WORLD is pretty much the definition of a movie that starts out extremely strong only to die a slow death.
Bruce Glover.